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      一、 聽力

      Listen to the passage and make the best choice.


      A. Her son.

      B. Her servant.

      C. Her husband.

      D. Her daughter.



      A. Always.

      B. Often.

      C. Seldom.

      D. Never.



      A. Her letters were often lost.

      B. Her letters were often kept in her husband's pocket.

      C. Her letters were often kept in her pocket.

      D. Her letters were often mailed in time.



      A. Mrs. Green had told them that Mr. Green had a letter to mail.

      B. They thought that Mr. Green had a letter in his pocket.

      C. There was a large piece of paper on Mr. Green's back.

      D. There was a large piece of paper with the request on Mr. Green's back.



      A. Mrs. Green wanted the passers-by to ask him to mail the letter.

      B. He had forgotten to mail the letter.

      C. His wife would be angry with him.

      D. His wife would be glad with him.




      6. The price of the dictionary is very _______.

      A. expensive B. cheap C. high D. tall

      7. ——Any more?

      ——OK. But _______.

      A. I have had enough. B. I am full

      C. just a little D. I have had more than enough

      8. The new-type machine take up _______.

      A. a small place B. little place C. a small room D. little room

      9. The two drivers could do nothing but ________ the truck.

      A. take turns to drive B. drive by turns

      C. to take turn to drive D. to drive by turns

      10. The corn powder with two other things _______ water to make all kinds of good.

      A. are mixed with B. is mixed with C. are mixed by D. is mixed by

      11. I’m sorry.I________ what I have said.

      A. take off B. take on C. take back D. take out

      12.Paris is ___ most beautiful city,where you can see___ famous Eiffel Tower.

      A.a;the B.a; 不填 C.the;a D.不填;the

      13. Are you familiar with the music?

      Yes.There was a time___this kind of music was quite popular.

      A.that B.when C.with which D.about which

      14.Was Tom there When you arrived?

      Yes, but he___ home soon afterwards.

      A.had gone B.has gone C.is going D.went

      15.You must phone us every week.


      A.must B.have to C.will D.should

      16.What are you going to do this afternoon?

      I’ll probably go for a walk later on___ It stays fine.

      A.as far as B.so long as C.even if D.as if

      17. Maria has to baby-sit.That’s___ she can’t come out with us.

      A.why B.how C.when D.what

      18.People often want to know what my job is.Often I___ that question.

      A.ask B.am asking C.get asked D.get asking

      19. The wind was so hard that we could hardly ________ our eyes open.

      A. make B. keep C. have D. leave

      20. I was often made _______ this or that while working as a waiter in this hotel.

      A. doing B. do C. did D. to do




      21.G___ speaking, the more expensive the TV is,the better it is.

      22.Plastic is a kind of widely used m ___.

      23.Geographically the United States may be s___ into three major districts.

      24.Tommy was___(缺席)from school with a cold.

      25.The___(攀登) made me worn out when I reached the top of the mountain. 26.He___(答應) me that he would pay back within a week.

      27.I’ll have to buy a pair of___(褲子)to match my new shirt.

      28.Last year Sam went to___(歐洲)on business.


      In the 1930s, a lot of people in the USA were out of work. Among these people was a man named Alfred Butts. He always had an interest in word games and so, to fill his time, he planned a game which he called ”Lexico”. However, he was not completely satisfied with the game, so he made a number of changes to it and, in time, changed its name from" Lexico" to "Alph" and then to "Criss Cross”.He wanted to make some money from his new game but he didn't have any real commercial(商業性的) success. In 1939, Butts happened to meet a man called Jim Brunot who showed an interest in the new game. The two men worked together on

      developing the game and in 1948 it was offered for sale in the United States under its new name—"Scrabble". At first, it didn't sell very well. In the first year it sold just 2,250 sets and by 1951 it had only reached 8,500 sets a year. Then, in 1952 the manager of Macy's department store in New York, Jack Strauss, happened to play “Scrabble” while he was on holiday, He thought it was a wonderful game and, when he went back to work after his holiday, he insisted that Macy's should stock(儲備)the game and make an effort(努力)to call the public's attention to it. As a result, “Scrabble” became a big success in the United States and it soon spread to Australia and then to other English-speaking countries.

      29. The text is mainly about .

      A. "Lexico" B. three men C. a word game D. Alfred Butts

      30. Alfred Butts invented the game “Lexico” .

      A. to make himself famous

      B. to make spelling simpler

      C. when he was out of work and looking for a job

      D. when he was playing word games to pass the time

      31. Who made “Scrabble” popular?

      A. Alfred Butts.

      B. Jack Strauss.

      C. Alfred Butts and Jim Brunot.

      D. Jack Strauss and Jim Brunot.

      32. When did Alfred Butts first put his game on the market?

      A. In 1939. B. In 1948. C. Before 1939. D. Between 1939 and 1948.


      33. 早睡早起有益于健康(do good to)


      35.到目前為止,我們學過的英語單詞總計大約有三千五百個。(add up to)