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       第三節 完形填空(共20小題;每小題1.5分,滿分30分)


      After the earthquake, the rescuers arrived at the disaster area as soon as possible. After getting there, they carried out the rescue plan quickly and tried their best to 51 as many people as they could.

      In a 52 house, they found a woman. She was 53 when the rescuers found her. She was covered in the ruins. Through cracks (縫隙) of the ruins, they could see her last posture (姿勢). She was on her 54 , and the upper part of her body was forward, with her hands on the ground to 55 her body. It looked strange because she was bent 56 .

      The rescuers were sure that she was dead. They shouted to the 57 again and again, and knocked the bricks using sticks, 58 no response came from inside. The rescue team were going to the next building when 59 the leader called, "Come here!" He came to the woman, stretched (伸出) his hands 60 the body, feeling and touching, and then he shouted loudly, "There is someone, a baby, 61 alive."

      Through some effort, rescuers 62 the bricks covering her body. Under her body was her baby, 63 was packed in a small red quilt. He was about 3 or 4 months old. Because he was well protected by the mother’s body, he was totally 64 . He was 65 when the rescuers carried him out, and his lovely and peaceful face

      66 everyone around him. The doctor, along with the rescue team, opened the quilt to check if the baby was 67 , and found there was a mobile phone in the quilt. He looked at the screen. A written 68 was there, " My dear baby, if you live, don’t forget how much I 69 you." As a doctor, he has 70 a lot of pain and death, but at that moment, he cried. The mobile phone was passed on to the other people; every person who saw this message was moved to tears.

      51. A. feed B. cure C. count D. save

      52. A. damaged B. destroyed C. standing D. deserted

      53. A. dead B. asleep C. alive D. awake

      54. A. feet B. knees C. head D. back

      55. A. move B. rest C. protect D. support

      56. A. out of control B. out of order C. out of shape D. out of reach

      57. A. woman B. sky C. baby D. ruins

      58. A. but B. so C. and D. while

      59. A. happily B. sadly C. suddenly D. luckily

      60. A. around B. over C. under D. in front of

      61. A. still B. almost C. mostly D. hardly

      62. A. tore up B. cleared up C. piled up D. broke up

      63. A. whom B. which C. who D. where

      64. A. safe B. healthy C. dangerous D. ruined

      65. A. sleeping B. crying C. laughing D. shouting

      66. A. disappointed B. surprised C. worried D. warmed

      67. A. ill B. all right C. frightened D. tired

      68. A. note B. letter C. message D. information

      69. A. miss B. believe C. need D. love

      70. A. suffered B. gained C. experienced D. heard